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Colored Glass Block, Frosted Glass Block, Multi Colored Dichroic Glass Block – Stained Glass Alternatives

Benefits of Colored and Frosted Glass Block for Windows, Shower and Wall Projects
Colored glass block and frosted glass block add a unique design touch to your glass
block window, shower, or wall. Here are some reason to use decorative color and tinted block:

  • Availability – Various standard and custom colors and tints.
  • Increase privacy – Choose a high privacy frosted glass block to achieve a softer color palette and add privacy for windows and walls.  
Glass Block Tile Designs & Sizes For a Decorative Art Glass Touch for Bathrooms, Kitchens or Anywhere in a Home or Business
Combine the beauty of decorative glass tiles with glass blocks. These blocks are made by fusing a colored glass tile (which has layers of colored and clear glass) to a glass block. Create a one of a kind art glass look for your glass block window, bar, shower or partition wall with these glass block tiles with art glass

Colored glass etching designs for Window Wall and Bars
Make a memorable wall or bar with a standard or customized etched glass wall mural. Provide your image or choose from a contemporary, traditional, floral, or earth series patterns.

Decorative Glass Block with Designs, Colors, and Murals
• Glass on glass technology ensures the design cannot be scraped off. 


Random glass block colors on inside and outside of church windows